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Sumitomo Electric Lightwave is an industry leader in the manufacturing of innovative optical fiber and optical cable; cost effective ribbon-configured solutions; cable assemblies; fiber management systems; fusion technology; and FutureFLEX Air-Blown Fiber Cabling Systems. Sumitomo's US headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC was established in 1983. Our capabilities are expansive, thanks to the global resources of Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. (SEI). Established in 1897, SEI has become a worldwide force in advanced research, development and manufacture of fiber optic products.

Sumitomo is vertically integrated with key technologies such as optical fiber, MT ferrules and fusion equipment manufacturing; you have the advantage of ensured high performance, quality and reliability when integrating our cable, connectors, fiber management systems and fusion technology.

Today's digital world is one in which information flows at the rate of "thinking". But, no matter how rapid the flow, ideas and creative thoughts can only be realized by casting off conventionalism. In a flash, enterprising creativity develops the thought, generates the finished product and utilizes "consciousness-based" management with marketing expertise to achieve success. This process, along with in-depth research and enlightened management has not only helped GSI develop the 'next' generation of vital communications equipment, but has also made possible our new alternative energy source business. Paralleling these activities, GSI's quality job performance ethic functions as the structural foundation for the manufacture of advanced products and services.

Since its inception, Sage has become a leader in the telecommunications and wireless test industry. Our field test sets, automated test systems, local loop test systems and automated wireless test systems are used worldwide by leading telecom and wireless providers, manufacturers and end users. Each of our products provide customers with the value, performance and reliability demanded in the dynamic and competitive telecommunications and wireless industries.

Commitment to developing advanced products to meet both present and future customer needs.

The SAGE Commitment to Sales and Customer Service:

Sage believes that quality sales and service are just as important as the design and manufacture of quality equipment. Sage products are sold and supported both domestically and internationally by a network of strategically located, direct sales representatives, manufacturer's representatives and distributors. At all locations, Sage is represented by experienced telecommunications and wireless professionals dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality of service and support.

ShinewayTech is a young, vigorous and innovative enterprise, incorporated in 2002. We are committed to providing innovative measurement solutions that enable our customers and partners to meet the communications challenges of today and tomorrow. ShinewayTech offers advanced products and total solutions in the area of optical network testing and maintenance. We hold industry-leading products including first handheld OTDR in the world, PON Power Meter and Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer, which are mainly oriented to telecom and network carriers who use our ingenious products in all stages of network installation, service activation, maintenance and troubleshooting. ShinewayTech handheld testers provide greater value helping our customers reduce operational costs in a fast-changing market. We believe today and in the future, only to closely work with our customers can promise to deliver the most appropriate solutions and professional services. ShinewayTech is committed to anticipating new trends and demands through interactivities with customers and industry specialists, and consistently investing in innovative research, design and manufacture.

ShinewayTech is a highly flexible and competitive market player. Abiding by our culture, ShinewayTech will continuously offer state-of-the-art and cost-effective products and solutions to global customers.

Established in 1946, Rycom Instruments has become a leading manufacturer of cable, pipe and fault locating equipment. Our long-standing history has strengthened our ability to transform and reinvent ourselves to fit the needs of the locating industry. Originally a developer of telegraph carrier equipment for railroad communications we began designing and manufacturing locating equipment in the 1950s. Today, Rycom Instruments focuses almost entirely on serving those in the locating industry.

Dadi Telecom, established in 1992, is engaged in the development and production of communications testers, equipments and software. It is an earliest professional manufacturer that it covers the fullest prodcuts in this industry in China. DADI headquarter is located in High-tech Zone of Liuzhou City, covering area of 18,000 square meters. It is a modern manufacture base with good capacity of scientific research, production and test

DADI ownsthe intellectual property of all its products, which have been researched and developed independently by itself. The products of DADI include six fields, such as Transport Network Test, Supporting Network Test, Service Network Test, Storage Battery Test, Communication Network Reinforcement Equipment , IP Network Test. It covers more than 10 series, 20 products. Diversified products can be customized by clients according to their need.

Development, production and world-wide distribution of winding machines, welding machines, automatic core insertion machines and winding systems for the electrical industry. The product ranges of IWT Industrielle Wickeltechnik consist of: Programmable flexible winding machines with additional modules for semi and full automation. Winding and coiling systems with facilities for product-specific applications. Foil winding systems for copper and aluminum foils and cold-press welding equipment. Transformer core welding machines, automatic core inserting machines and manual laminating machines. Accessories like tensioners, controlled uncoiling devices, wire guides, winding tools, hot-air bonding devices, software, etc. for the winding technique.

Due to the modular machine design as well as a wealth of standard modules such as strip winding device, 4-station revolver, rod support unit, flyer winding head, taping device, customer-specific applications and automized winding and uncoiling systems can be designed and built in an economic way. Development of software and hardware by our own staff at our works guarantee a steadily increasing development. Apart from the applications with copper-enamelled wire we also offer solutions for winding and uncoiling of glass fibre (optical fibre), precious metals (platinum, gold, silver, titanium), carbon fibre, soldering tin (fishing lines, wax strings) and resistance wire. IWT Industrielle Wickeltehnik are specialists for flexible solutions of production for the small and medium series on a high level.

Intec has been a successful developer of telecommunications products for more than 18 years, is one of the leading suppliers of ISDN and DSL measurement technology in Europe. Many of the largest European network operators are using ARGUS testers and analyzers for years, including T-Com, British Telecom, KPN in the Netherlands, Spain's Telefonica, Telekom Austria, Swisscom, P&T Luxembourg as well as Saudi Telecom (STC), the Croatian and Hungarian telecom companies HAT and Matav and many others.

In the past years, more than 30,000 test devices have been delivered throughout Europe and the rest of the world. intec GmbH has continued to grow even at times when the rest of the branch was stagnating or in decline.

Micro-Coax is known for reliability, service and product quality throughout the industries it serves. In fact, our commitment to quality was recognized in 1995 when we received ISO 9002 registration, and then again in 2003 when we were recertified to ISO 9001:2000. Today, in recognition of our continuous improvement efforts, Micro-Coax is AS9100, Rev. C certified. Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques are employed throughout the facility to monitor both service and product quality with the goal of continuous improvement.

When reliability matters, you can count on Micro-Coax products to provide custom solutions to complex transmission line challenges.

Nufern is a team of motivated and accomplished people focused on making the world's best application-specific (specialty) optical fibers and getting them to the market such that our customers can be the most successful customers. Where necessary we integrate those fibers into value added products including fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, gyroscope coils, sensors and other subassemblies that help our customers better compete in their diverse optical fiber enabled markets.

Nufern product serves customers in myriad business segments the largest of which are Telecommunications, Industrial material processing, Military – Aerospace, Medical, and Sensing. This broad and large experience base gives Nufern a range of capabilities and depth of human resources unique in the marketplace.

CERNEX, INC., is a company with a commitment to product excellence and technological expertise in state-of- the art thin-film hybrid and discrete microwave and millimeter-wave components, and sub-assemblies.

CERNEX, INC., MANUFACTURES GaAs, HEMT, PHEMT, and MMIC based products covering 30KHZ-110 GHZ range for commercial and military applications. Our company has been manufacturing Millimeter-wave products and subsystems up to 220GHz.

  • Bias Tee, Limiter, Power Combiner/Divider, Subsystems Transitions Adapters, Detectors, Mixers, Phase shifters SSPA, High power Amplifier.
  • Custom designed components
  • Amplifiers
  • Attenuators
  • Coupler, Isolator
  • Horn Antennas


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